Promote your business with innovative technology

Take a step into the future and upgrade your business plans with cutting-edge methods that LMB Pro offers you.

Video 360°

Create 360° video with three-dimensional sound and let yourself to immerse into virtual worlds

360° Panoramic Photography

With high definition 360° cameras of the latest technology, we can capture and turn your ideas into a stunning virtual reality

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Augmented Reality APPs

AR technology enhances the natural environment by projecting a live view of a world whose elements are augmented by digital stimuli, such as sound, video and graphics.

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Mobile apps
& video games

The enchanted future of applications that will change the way we see the world, it is here!

Smart Video Games
to advertise your business

We develop contemporary games to the most famous platforms in the market such as Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. Convey your industry intelligently to another dimension.

Virtual Reality Applications to
promote your business

Breath new life to your business and create a thrilling customer experience by advertising your site through a custom made Virtual Reality App that fit into your company needs.

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VR Post Production
services for demanding customers

We have developed a number of exclusive techniques on digital post-production and we cover a full range of services. From video stitching and image stabilisation to digital effects and digital colour grading.

Εάν θέλετε να σχεδιάσουμε το δικό σας project και να δημιουργήσουμε ένα ελκυστικό portfolio για την επιχείρηση σας ή να μάθετε περισσότερα για την LMBPro και τις υπηρεσίες μας, μπορείτε να επικοινωνήσετε μαζί μας μέσω της παρακάτω φόρμας. Θα χαρούμε να σας εξυπηρετήσουμε!