Meet 9D EGG technology

9D EGG are here to reestablish the traditional forms of entertainment with the latest technological products that allow users to experience novel feelings in the world of virtual reality through simulation!

Discover exciting new worlds and choose your own reality with the unique experience of the 9D EGG and let yourself to an awesome adrenaline rush!

Just sit back comfortably on the 9D EGG and wear the VR glasses to enjoy a magical world unfolding in front of you, a world of many dimensions!

What special has to offer:

Virtual reality invades our lives and promises to change them. With the help of high technology and realistic effects 9D EGG becomes a unique experience accessible to everyone. It offers a realistic motion and navigation experience in space and time and rises dramatically your adrenaline levels!

Every move feels real, as the device has built-in sensors and audiovisual effects which transfer the exact motion through images sounds and vibrations.

Coming soon, exclusively in...

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